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  1. kristian Says:

    So you’re gonna be the first ever member of the public to get one. Lucky man. And I though camping for three hours to get Tiger was a stretch.

    Funny interview, btw.


  2. GOD is LOVE Says:


  3. Gareth Says:

    I really don’t know where to start with you, you ignorant moron. I’ve no problem at all with you sleeping in a queue to get an iPhone (I’d like one myself). But asking people for food donations on the street, and ASKING FOR MONEY ON PAYPAL!!!!!!! Moron. Moron. er, Moron!
    There are hundreds of thousands living on the streets of the world, and many more millions living in poverty. None of them do this by choice. Yet you think that we should help you to survive your week at the front of a queue which basically screams ‘me, me, me! I’m a greedy consumer moron, and I want your attention’. You got it. Hope it shames you

  4. Gareth Says:

    BTW, have you got the 500 bucks on you in cash? Is it wise to sleep on the street in line for something which everyone knows costs $500?

  5. ST1 Says:

    U suck, what’s up with that money question dude ??? I think you are just hired from the evil MS, real mac users are not THAT LAME TO ASK FOR MONEY!!

    You will burn in Hell!!

  6. Markus72 Says:

    some people do not realize irony until it bites them in the ass.

  7. oh dear Says:

    sad sad man..
    have you nothing better to do?

  8. evan Says:

    i fully support your quest!!! i wish i was in the area otherwise i would come by and help you out. goodluck.

  9. Bill Gates Says:

    Hey, me and Steve-o were just checking out your site and even he thinks your an asshole.

  10. RuKiddingMe Says:

    You have $499 to spend on the phone and obviously do not need to work since you can sit on the street for a week. Why would I want to give you money?
    I will donate to anyone with a website that will let me virtually kick this guy in the head for asking for the money.

  11. Maryanne Says:

    I’m excited for you. Hope it;’s worth it all when they place it in your hand !

  12. Dominick Says:

    Wow cool… too bad you have no friends to call from it! Maybe you can have a 3 hour conversation with your mom asking if you can move back into her basement or something…

  13. Gorjan Says:

    Stop being such assholes! Good luck getting the phone!

  14. Steffen Says:

    you rock! 🙂

  15. loudestnoise Says:

    You sir are a hero. I’m the one who submitted the story, and I text messaged you last night. Keep up the good fight, er I mean waiting in line. I’ll be waiting for my iPhone in TX but I think I’ll be safe getting one camping out on Thursday night.

  16. Ignorati Says:

    Empirical evidence suggests that incompetent people have more difficulty recognizing their true level of competence. The incompetent dramtically overestimate their ability and performance relative to objective criteria. Paradoxically, the incompetent can gain insight only after being made to see that they have performed poorly.

  17. JoJo Tucker Says:

    Lo. Ser.

  18. Craig Burden Says:

    you stupid, fat-fuck…get a life.

  19. You suck Says:

    As i said….

  20. Scott Says:


  21. Moody Says:


  22. Raggbert Says:

    What happens when you must piss or take a dump?

  23. TucsonMacker Says:

    I bet $599 he does NOT even buy one.

    I doubt he has the money and any real interest. He just likes the press of being first in line for anything – ANYTHING.

    He won’t buy it, just drool on one with his week old B.O. and leave to find the next “waiting to be first line” opportunity. Sad, sad man. Nothing much of interest to say too, wow what a shocker – no GF.

  24. Mighty Horse Says:

    hopefully you’ll be first in line when they reopen superman’s tower of power in kentucky. fffffffffffrunkis!

  25. PerpetualMotionUK Says:

    You don’t need food donations you fat wanker. Go on a fucking diet for a week and I hope someone mugs you the minute you get the phone you dumbass.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    stay in line dude, we watch you in estonia. And find out what estonia mines and write it cool

  27. RuSerious!? Says:

    So you get your iPhone, then what… play music, make calls, surf the internet and google map your fat ass’s location? You can do that now without lining up for 5 days! Put your $500 towards a better endeavour like gastric bypass surgery and stop being such a consumer whore, it makes me ill.

  28. MrMuggins Says:

    Hey Greg,
    We’re all keeping our fingers crossed you’re gonna get gang raped by bums.
    Thats assuming they can get thru the folds of flab first.

  29. Greg Packer Says:

    My name is Greg Packer. I’m a completely talentless piece of shit with the social skills of a chimpanzee. Im waiting first in line for iPhone in New York City at Apple Store Fifth Avenue near Central Park. I showed up on Monday morning, June 25th, at 5am becuase I have zero friends, zero life and I’m hoping to get beaten to death by a female bum

    Please reach out to me by leaving your comments, leaving me a note on MySpace, sending me an email (in fact why not sign me up to every gay porn site in america), or even calling my mobile phone while I am sitting in line. I must be the biggest cockbag in creation for giving my number away online but what-the-heck !!!

    Or, hey, come by, just visit and abuse me face to face!


    Mobile phone: 631.291.2603

    My Space: Greggoes (Yeah – go look at all my sexy girl-friends who I have absolutely NO chance of dating because I am such a fat ugly fucker !!! )

    Want to help make my experience sitting in line more comfortable?

    Fucking come down and abuse me!!!

    Thank you to the iPhoneDevCamp guys – Associating yourself with me is gonna totally fuck you all up beyond belief !!!

    Also, please check out my new gay techno nerd friend, David Clayman, who is documenting his experience on his own blog, entitled

    He’s third in line!
    Im a turd in line!

  30. DaLynchMob Says:


  31. Peter Says:


    When the F is the Iphone avialble in Europe, today I find out that their are negotiations between Apple & Vodafoon, pay a lot for the phone and pay the top for using it….
    Steve, make life simple, every provider, store should sell it ….

    Peter, Holland

  32. earnjam Says:

    This guys is a professional media grabber….he just wants attention, so stop giving it to him.

  33. Why do you care Says:

    Why do you guys care if someone devotes his life to being the first in line? Why the f do you have to make fun? At least hes good at it and persistent… maybe in his screwed up world it makes sense.

    He isnt doing anybody any harm… go take your anger and give it to someone who actually deserves it.

  34. Hey haters! Get a LIFE! Says:

    I don’t know why everyone is getting so riled up over someone who just wants to be first in line. I support your right to do that, Mr. Packer, and I applaud your determination. Please, people, if you don’t have something nice to say to him, then get a life! This man has found something he obviously enjoys doing, and it seems to be more productive than most hobbies I have heard of. Most of you would love to have met as many celebs as he has. Don’t lie and say you wouldn’t.
    What, would you rather if he was a video game slacker? Well, I don’t care if that is a more “acceptable” hobby, that’s not what this man has chosen to do, and I think it’s rude, obnoxious and mean-spirited to take umbrage at this man’s ambitions, goals, or hobbies.
    To all the haters: Get a life, and stop making fun of someone with more determination and drive than most of you. If you think it’s so damn easy to do what he does, then lets see you get out there and do it. Until then, you should probably just shut the hell up. Go take your hater attitude somewhere else. The world really doesn’t need another hater, but I think the world would be a better place with more people like Greg Packer.

  35. Reply To Hey Haters Says:

    More people like Greg Packer???
    You mean more fat lazy twats?
    Fuck Off Loser!

  36. ATT friend Says:

    ATT should definately not for any reason change his number because he put on internet. HE needs to pay like rest of us

  37. Joseph Says:

    The iPhone will be a waste of money. Do you think you will be happy having one?, you are wrong. I think you are not so stupid, you will earn money with the TV Interviews, and probably pay the iPhone with this money, but please… get a life!!

  38. Tiefem Says:

    Andate a fottergli i soldi per l’iPhone!
    Così gli passa la voglia! 😀

  39. buzzdroid Says:

    the only thing worse than people camping out for the iPhone are people who think they should buy an iPhone so they can resell it for charity. Here’s an idea, take the $600.00 and donate it to charity yourself.

  40. Erril Says:

    How does your wife/girlfriend cope with you being gone for so many days?

  41. Phil from Canada Says:

    The people who are making these negative comments are the 16-40 year old bums who still live at home and whack off to gay porn. Greg Packer wants to get the iphone and has nothing else to do and its not other peoples decisions.

  42. Disney of Australia Says:

    Greg, Are you related to James Packer?

    He is the richest man in Australia. Wastes a lot of money and is a wanker too.

  43. Disney of Australia Says:

    Well, once again apple is going to rip off the consumer.How dare they dictate what phone comp one has to use ,shame on them. Apple, all they care about is making a profit. What other mobile co dictates what service you have to use. Just like the ipod and I have a first generation ipod at a cost 1100 Au and the only choice I have is to download from itunes and even then when I had a problem with a downloaded audiobook at a cost $30 au. I was unable to get the problem fixed.Apple all they do is take your money and run.

    Try e-mailing apple or itunes when you have a problem with the device.

    Try making contact with iphone when the iphone does not do what it’s suppose to do, you will be up the proverbial creek!

    ( buyers will also have to sign up to a two-year contract mobile phone company AT&T and face a charge of $US175 if they break it.)

    I would like to know what service the Aussie will be tied up to for two years, we already have the most expensive mobile phone service in the world!

  44. omar Says:

    leave him alone man… he’s a Apple Fan doing something historical

  45. Gert-Jan Says:

    Well, it may be pretty useless what you do, but it sure made you famous, even in the netherlands 🙂

  46. Mike Says:

    Good luck in your efforts!
    I admire your tenacity and endurance.
    You are truly a MacAddict..!lol 🙂

  47. friedrich n Says:

    The desert grows : woe to those whom seeks to protect it !

  48. Nollaig Says:

    You really are what the rest of the world would consider an ”ugly american” not only can you afford the expensive things (phone wise) in life ,but you also have the nerve to begg for money on the street and via pay pal.. Try living on the street in NYC like i did and hope that u get enough to eat let alone a $500 phone.

    U disgust me.

  49. Joy Hefener Says:

    I think Greg has never gotten laid, and that all NYC hoes should volunteer to remedy this….he resolve will soon wane.

  50. Fergie II Says:

    Greg.. I just saw your shirtless picture. I want to lick what I guess is your right nipple. What are you doing after the I-Phone thing?

  51. Jamie Wilson Says:

    This is great! I’m sitting at work in Scotland, reading everyones comments! So so funny, Poor Greg your getting it tight! You should have your iphone by now and I really hope you like it! I’ll be looking out for you at the front of cue’s from now on. Sorry i didnt leave you any money but anyway this has been a laugh! Cheers!
    Greg “the cue”

  52. Reply To Jamie Wilson Says:

    As a fellow Scot, I expected more from you.
    This guy is the same kind of fat lazy ugly shit that hangs around the street corners of Glasgow drinking their cheap buckfast and wearing their Burberry caps. All FUCKING LOSERS !!!

    PS: Learn how to spell you cockbag

  53. Michael Says:

    I have information on the iPhone. I recieved mine a week ago.
    All of the mumbo jumbo is bogus though. I figured out how to unlock it though

  54. Gamewarden Says:

    What a f****ing loser. Why don’t you stop being a nerd. You are asking donations for no reason. I rather give to the ones that really need it. I hope you know that the iphone will come out with flaws. I know it will.

  55. DIAMONDKT Says:

    Thou shall not digg oneself.
    Isn’t that one of the 7 commandments?

  56. DIAMONDKT Says:

    Oops. I think there are 10 commandments? Shows how much I know, ha.

  57. Brian Says:


  58. marcus Says:

    dude ur a hero
    i got this site of ur interview with cnn!!
    long live the iphone!!!
    tell me how is it when u get it

  59. Steve Says:

    Good work, pity we cannot get them in the UK Yet!

    When will we get some hands on reviews from yourself? (get a mac!)


  60. george Says:

    Well, he got them. NY Times photo.

  61. jluv Says:

    hello wat up

  62. RockeR Says:

    Nokia рулит! : ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  63. Trump Says:

    Wow, pathetic media whore finds yet ANOTHER line to get in front of. You loser.

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  65. Jason Poste Says:

    Thank you for the excellent post. I bought an iPhone recently and still figuring out how to grasp the full potential of this marvel.

  66. Leonel Says:

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