My video interview

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76 Responses to “My video interview”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t get it.

  2. David Di Franco Says:

    Greg! I hope you don’t mind, but I recorded a quick clip about you:

    Kudos to you and your other iPhone friends! Also great interview video. I loved seeing that huge iPhone display. =D

    Anyway, now it’s time for bed! I got a bit distracted with all this hype. Well good night and good luck!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    those glasses the guy at the start of the video is wearing are the strangest thing i’ve ever seen. Is he BORG??

  4. Wingman Says:

    Dude, although I appreciate your determination to get an iPhone, why would I donate you some money when I can’t get one and that I will be working my ass off all these days you’ll just be sitting there?

    I think lining up 4 days in advance is a little insane and aren’t you even worried you’ll get booted off?

    Enjoy the iphone though and watch out for sunburns and smog.

  5. billy Says:

    buy one for me too.

  6. Authorized User Says:

    Glad to see you got your little PayPal Beggar’s Cup set up! I should help you so you can sit on your ass and wait for a $500 phone?

  7. Milk Was A Bad Choice Says:

    Greg, good luck with the campout. We blogged about your adventure. Check it out:

  8. you're a loser Says:

    you’re the first loser to purchase a product thats been over advertised.

    good job.

  9. Vin Says:

    This guy is an iTard.

  10. FunnyFaces Says:

    “I’m an Apple fan, but I don’t own an Ipod or a Mac,” you have got to be kidding me. We all know that once he gets his hands on that iphone, it’s going up on Ebay. Then he has the nerve to ask for donations on Paypal. Come on get real!

    I agree with Vin, this guy is an iTard….haha.

  11. asdf Says:

    Wow, your life is pathetic. Please, try to choke to death on Steve Job’s cock.

  12. 15 minutes? Says:

    Not even. You’re a facking idiot.

  13. JON Says:

    Hey man! Good luck! Blogged about you:

    How was it sleeping out there? You guys even have a tent or sleeping bags? BTW, ignore all the losers…if I was in NYC I’d be in line with ya!

  14. What Is All This iPhone Hype - iPathetic? | TechRave Says:

    […] gets and interview with the guys. From Zero to Internet Celeb in under a day. Continuing on, now these guys have their own blog, run by one Raven Zachary, has already received quite a few visitors, and comments. They even have […]

  15. SomeJoe Says:

    Good god man, get yourself some ads!

  16. Thrawn Says:

    Props. Enjoy your iPhone. 🙂

  17. Luck Says:

    I run a gadget site called . We are holding a contest for the iPhone launch event. Just send us some photos of the launch or even people waiting in line prior to the launch to . We’ll pick somebody at random to win a DLO TransDock Deluxe.

    Also, the first person who sends us the photo, get a pair of Monster iFreePlay headphones. Deal?

  18. Jerome Blanc Says:

    Greg, I saw you on CNN, nice going!!

  19. Durandal Says:

    Oh snap. I used to play halo with him!

  20. andrea Says:

    Hi Greg, we have posted your story on our web site…


  21. coast to coast move Says:

    iPhone buzz. wait time. frenzy.

    Like millions of others, I’ve been seeing the escalating buzz about the iPhone that goes on sale at 6:00pm this Friday June 29th. At the moment, iPhone is the #3 most popular search on Technorati, #15 on Yahoo, #51 on Google trends (cf. iPhone re…

  22. sQuashed Says:

    What a dumbass…Please get a life.

  23. MrMuggins Says:

    Another place to abuse the lazy good for nothing fat ass who wants donations to pay for his stupid iphone. Judging by the size of his fat fingers he will never be able to press any of the buttons…
    Go home to your sad lonely life and pop a shell in your skull ugly boy

  24. Anonymous Says:


    iPhone Alley has announced a media boycott of you. I thought you should be informed of it.

  25. Cammy Says:

    You need a woman, and is urgent !

  26. Greg Packer Says:

    My name is Greg Packer. I’m a completely talentless piece of shit with the social skills of a chimpanzee. Im waiting first in line for iPhone in New York City at Apple Store Fifth Avenue near Central Park. I showed up on Monday morning, June 25th, at 5am becuase I have zero friends, zero life and I’m hoping to get beaten to death by a female bum

    Please reach out to me by leaving your comments, leaving me a note on MySpace, sending me an email (in fact why not sign me up to every gay porn site in america), or even calling my mobile phone while I am sitting in line. I must be the biggest cockbag in creation for giving my number away online but what-the-heck !!!

    Or, hey, come by, just visit and abuse me face to face!


    Mobile phone: 631.291.2603

    My Space: Greggoes (Yeah – go look at all my sexy girl-friends who I have absolutely NO chance of dating because I am such a fat ugly fucker !!! )

    Want to help make my experience sitting in line more comfortable?

    Fucking come down and abuse me!!!

    Thank you to the iPhoneDevCamp guys – Associating yourself with me is gonna totally fuck you all up beyond belief !!!

    Also, please check out my new gay techno nerd friend, David Clayman, who is documenting his experience on his own blog, entitled

    He’s third in line!
    Im a turd in line!

  27. Daniel D Says:

    You fat fuck lose some weight otherwise you’ll die of heart failure before you can line up to get the Playstation 4

  28. David Di Franco Says:

    All you haters really need to grow up. Why are people so bothered by what others do? I admire what Greg is doing. It’s called dedication. The haters are the sad ones who have nothing better to do than to post rude comments and make them feel better about themselves.

    You people act like this is new… People have camped out for products before. I did it for five hours for the Nintendo Wii and I had a great time. Some people are more passionate than others. Get over it!

    To Greg and all the others in line, good luck! Ignore the losers. Have fun with your iPhone!


  29. Anonymous Says:

    you’re an asstard.

  30. john matrix Says:

    “I’m Darth Nihilius”

  31. Greg Assmuncher Says:

    Wouldn’t it be terrible if someone waited until ur asleep tonight and shat all over you for being such a fat-assed pole-sniffer…

    I’d hate to be you coming OUT of the Apple store with the iPhone in front on hundreds of REAL Apple fanatics…

  32. Chase Says:

    We all know that you aren’t even interested in the iPhone. You’re just trying to make a shit load from selling it on eBay. Besides, you don’t even own a Mac or iPod!! You’re a fucking dipshit! You don’t even give a shit about the iPhone.

    I know about people like you. You even have your own Wiki stating that you are essentially a media whore. You know how to use situations to get media attention to get what you want. You’re in this for the attention and to make a huge-ass mark up from the iPhone.

    Your fat ass is just occupying a space that someone (like myself) who actually wants to keep the iPhone and actually knows something about Apple and the iPhone could be in. You’re taking someone’s iPhone to make a few hundred more bucks. Tell you what, how about you take some of that money you make get liposuction, get a haircut, and buy some fucking shampoo, you stupid fat hobo.

    I don’t have a problem with product campers, in fact I will begin waiting late tomorrow. It just pisses me off when I see people getting these extremely hot products at the manufacturer’s price then putting them on eBay to make a profit. Just step out of line and let someone that will actually use the iPhone buy it at the intended price. I’m actually excited and I actually intend to keep and use my iPhone. But if there are any more people like you (ass holes) in line where I will be then I could get fucked out of my iPhone.


  33. Digital Tech News Says:

    Did you ever consider waiting in front of an AT&T store? They’ve got iPhones too.

  34. Greg Assmuncher Says:

    Are all Mac-obsessed fans as f’ked up as Greg ‘Uphill’ Packer? That Raven freak on the front page is also seriously weird. Is there a trend here?

    Maybe when you get your iPhone Greg, you could use the onboard camera to make a video and give it to David Di Freako to put onto

    Oh wait, you can’t do video from the iPhone can you…

  35. Put on a shirt Says:

    This guy is not in it for an iPhone, just for attention. He is just an obsessive linesitter. See a Wiki on his past exploits here.

    Sad hobby…

  36. Print Says:

    I have to say, I think the idea of being a line waiter is fantastic – it makes some sentiment about life I guess.

    You know, sometimes the wait, or the journey, is more rewarding than the thing itself, although I believe you might like the iPhone – imagine how much more productive you can be in your hobby by being able to keep up-to-date with event feeds, take shots, upload them, blog and even get directions from one cool device!

    Just give us an update with what you think about it, hopefully along the lines of ‘worth every hour in line’

  37. Anonymous Says:

    history in the making! good luck dude

  38. omar Says:

    congrats man… goodluck tomrrow… have fun with your iPhone

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Surely if you had extra cash and wasn’t going to do anything for a long while, you’d stand in line for a bit. This will be his first experience with an Apple product that is his own. How about using your time a bit more wisely, as opposed to wasting it on making immature and useless comments? Could jealousy be the reason, because you don’t have that extra cash?

    Have fun with your phone, Greg. I’m personally going to wait for a 2nd Gen, but nonetheless, it will be an incredible piece of engineering, design, and functionality. Cheers.

  40. Dario Salvelli Says:

    Ehy,today is the day. What are u doing? 😉

  41. Good Luck With Your Projects » Who Is Greg Packer? Says:

    […] : He has his own blog called First In Line for […]

  42. iphone_fan Says:

    I think the phone is way cool and will be looking at them soon but it is not cool enough to wait in line 5 DAYS for….

    Once you get the phone what are you going to do with it in your moms basement…

  43. Becko Says:

    ahahahahhaha – IS THAT YOU???

  44. DIAMONDKT Says:

    I think the dude who said he was just sitting in line “for the experience” needs some serious help. That can’t be healthy. He didn’t even seem like he cared whether or not he got an iPhone!

  45. hmm Says:

    Greg Packer? More like Fudge Packer! HAHAHA!

  46. Jack Jackerson Says:

    Congratulations! You sat on your ass for a week so that you could get a new CELLULAR TELEPHONE before a bunch of other people. Unfortunately, you probably don’t have any friends to call, nor is there anyone who will ever call you. So, basically, you’ve made a fool out of yourself to get a $600 MP3 player that can also browse the Internet. Good thing that there’s never been a way to play MP3s or browse the Internet in any manner before! You are the forerunner of a new technological era! You also got ALODed on SA, which puts you into the highest echelon of idiocy on the whole web. Check it out from your God-damned iPhone!

  47. tomyboy Says:

    so did he get his iphone?

  48. g Says:

    If I were Apple and I had a new phone coming out, I would hire a few people to sit in line to wait for my product to be released.

  49. frank Says:

    I bought mine in Chicago on Friday at 6:30 at an AT&T store, I was in and out in 15 minutes – no line. better deal than your 15 minutes of fame.

  50. bob Says:

    holly sh.. what a BS.

  51. Max Says:

    So after all the hype and the wait, down in Humid Houston, a young man opened his iPhone to the following saga recorded in an 11 second video clip:

  52. jung Says:

    ordinary american!

  53. Martin Says:

    So what ever happened afterwards? First there was a lot of hype about you, and then no single entry with you and the phone?

    Was it worth it?

    Was it fun?

    What are you doing now?

    What were your experiences?

    …or was it all part of the hype?

    (And what do you think of the Fake Steve Jobs?)

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  63. navtej kohli Says:

    I share your joy! Simple peace to you & your readers.

  64. seguro auto Says:

    Were you first to buy Apple TV?
    Funny bloke you are…keep up the spirit!

  65. Jan Says:

    Vielleicht mal wieder etwas aufräumen? Sieht hier ganz schön zugespamt aus…

  66. parsasoft Says:

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  67. Marinkina Says:

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  68. Ferinannnd Says:

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  69. world cities Says:

    ordinary american!

  70. darrick baxter Says:

    Hey there, i remember this a while back… what ever happend to this guy? just get the phone and thats it?

  71. Bobajames Says:

    Gregg, I want to let you know that you are a gross and disgusting pig, you smell worse then a train car clearing bum. How dare you get a sponcer for the iphone4 line and NOT EVEN KNOW WHAT THAT COMPY EVEN DOES?????!!!!!! I will if it costs me my life, will make sure that YOU are not first in line for the next big event in the NYC area.

  72. iPhone Widgets Says:

    NIce video sir

  73. Gregorio Greenough Says:

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  74. Gregor Says:

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  75. Chantal Says:

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    She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is totally off topic but I had to tell

  76. Win iPhone 5S Says:

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